Lego towers

Matching towers: toddler activity

“Matching towers” is a really simple to set-up activity, that Ev absolutely loves.

You only need LEGO® and a base plate!

Before you get started: be sure to check out my 8 Principles of Play!

Minimum prep with this activity, means more time for a warm cuppa.

This activity would work equally well with DUPLO®.

Set up ten towers (1 – 10 bricks) using bricks of different colours. Then lay out a pile of the matching bricks for your little one to choose from. Using various shapes and sizes adds an extra point of interest to chat through.

TOP TIP: Check your bricks! If, like us, your LEGO® bricks are stored in one giant box of fun (mess) I’d suggest building both sets of towers together. That way you know you have the bricks to match. Plus, you get the fun of destroying the duplicate towers ready for your little one to play with. Who doesn’t love knocking down a toy tower!

Towers, towers, everywhere!

I encourage Ev to count the towers, and build his own row of “matching towers” to look the same. He loves counting the bricks in each tower and discussing the different colours!

This is a great activity for developing numeracy, awareness of colours and fine motor skills.

Further development through play:

  • Size it up: discuss which tower is the tallest/shortest.
  • Numeracy: remove a brick from a tower and count the ones that remain.
  • Addition: add two towers together.

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    Sally Russell
    01/14/2019 at 9:12 pm

    Love this and love your website 😁

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      01/15/2019 at 7:05 am

      Thank you lovely, I’m glad you like it! Xx

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