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Stick your own building site: toddler activity

You may have noticed that a hard hat and reflective jacket keep popping up in photos of Ev? These are his current joy and obsession. He wears them from morning to night, at the park, and to our local toddler groups. I saw the construction toy pages in a toy magazine and decided to use these so that he could create his own construction masterpiece! This toddler activity works well with a variety of themes, to reflect your little one’s current interests.

You need:

  • scissors;
  • a toy magazine containing construction toys (or any magazine containing other items matching your chosen theme);
  • glue; and
  • coloured paper.

Before you get started: be sure to check out my 8 Principles of Play!

Toddler activity: stick a construction site

Cut out a selection of images matching your theme from the magazine. Then, lay these out with a range of coloured paper and the glue and encourage your little one to create their own scene. I also used some yellow paper to create “rocks”.

This where my invitation to play went slightly to pot. Ev’s love of construction runs so deep that he really didn’t want to stick the poor vehicles down. If he did, they’d be rooted to the spot and unable to carry out their duties! Instead he opted to play with the cut-outs. So, we pulled out his diggers and went with it.

Even Harmie joined in! Whilst this invitation to play didn’t go quite the way I expected, it was lovely to see Ev using his imagination playing with the different vehicles, digging the “rocks” and happily chatting about what he and his “very busy men” were up to.

This activity was intended to be great for developing fine motor skills and imagination. It certainly did appeal to Ev’s imagination! It was also brilliant for his vocabulary as we engaged in construction chat during our copious “STOP! MUMMY! It’s time for a tea break” tea breaks!

Further development through play:

  • Fine motor: using the glue to stick images down(!)
  • Observation/imagination: encourage your little one to choose the images they’d like from the magazine.
  • Fine motor: assist your child in cutting out their chosen images.

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