Leaving the house with a newborn: Helly cradling baby Ev

Top 10 tips for leaving the house with a baby: all about the prep

Leaving the house with a baby can be much easier said than done. Shortly after Ev’s birth, our antenatal group arranged a Mum’s meet up with our babies. I had mixed feelings as I tried to get Ev and I ready to leave the house. I was so looking forward to sharing stories with the other Mums, to company, and adult conversation. But apprehension niggled away at me too.

I changed outfits four times. Desperately trying to find clothes that didn’t cling to my now empty but still all too prominent bump. I worried about looking useless out in public with Ev. What if he cried and I couldn’t calm him down? What if his nappy leaked? What if he wouldn’t feed? What if. What if. 

I rushed around and was ready to leave – on time! Then, just as we were about to walk out of the door, Ev was sick all over my carefully chosen outfit. Panic washed over me. Tears stung at my eyes. The mum-sweats started and I very nearly shoved my PJ’s back on and refused to leave the house. It took a pep talk from my Mum to get me there, and although I arrived late and a little flustered, I was so glad that I had gone. 


  1. Begin your evacuation routine about an hour before you actually need to go. It’s amazing how time can disappear when you’re wrangling a newborn into a car seat, before realising they need yet another nappy change!
  2. Pack your changing bag in advance. Each night check your changing bag and top up on essentials like nappies, wipes, vests and sleepsuits. 
  3. When prepping your changing bag, pop a small purse inside with some cash in. In my haste to leave the house I often forget to pick mine up. 
  4. Organise your pram/buggy the night before too. If possible, keep the rain cover in the storage basket so that you’ve always got it handy. I forgot mine in the early days with Ev on a day when there was sudden torrential showers!
  5. Learn from my mistake; wait until the last minute before changing into the outfit that you want to arrive in. If possible, choose your outfit the night before to avoid any morning meltdowns. 
  6. If your little one is anything like mine, they might decorate their own freshly chosen outfit before you get them out of the house. Try and change them into their desired outfit after they’ve been fed, allowing time for their tummy to settle.
  7. Keep a muslin handy to mop up any last minute dribbles!
  8. Along with your muslin, always have a pack of baby wipes to hand. These can do wonders with removing the odd patch of baby sick. No one needs to know!
  9. When you make it out, even if you’re late, flustered, or decorated with baby sick, remember: you’ve done it! Getting yourselves out is an achievement. Celebrate the little wins!
  10. Finally, know that we’ve all been there. We remember the panic of trying to get out of the house. We know how hard it is. Whenever you arrive we’ll just nod and smile (and offer to get you a hot cuppa!).

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