Button box: toddler activity

My wonderful Mum is a retired Nursery Nurse, and she often gives me play ideas for Ev and Harmie. Recently, we were discussing activities for Ev, and she mentioned a ‘button box’ that she put together during her nursery nurse training. I was intrigued so she went and found it. As soon as Ev spotted the box he wanted to take a look. He began picking out each button, sorting them and chatting about them. The box had again come into its own as a brilliantly easy toddler activity.

You only need a box and lots of buttons. The more variety the better! 

Before you get started: be sure to check out my 8 Principles of Play!

Mum decorated her box during her training and Ev loved looking at all her lovely paintings.  

We opened the box and encouraged Ev to look at the buttons. We talked about the various sizes, colours and textures. He sorted the buttons by colour, then by material, and loved peering at the unique details on each one. I was amazed at how long something so simple could hold his interest for! 

This activity is great for language, observation and colours. 

Further development through play:

  • Numeracy: take a handful of buttons and count them, or use them to evidence simple addition. 
  • Language: pick a button and help your little one to describe it. 
  • Observation: if your box contains matching pairs, lay out a line of buttons for your little one to recreate similar to ‘Following the Pattern’. 
  • Colours: use the buttons to discuss different shades of the same colour. 

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