Love your quirks: my top 5 feathers

As a teenager, the six weeks’ summer holidays represented a golden opportunity for change. To reinvent myself so, that when I returned to school in September, everyone would suddenly see me. A me that meant I would fit in, and maybe even be popular!

Each year I would diligently fill my diary with my grand plans: what my hair would look like; what clothes I might wear; how my spots would miraculously disappear. I’d dream that I’d walk into the classroom, and suddenly it would all be different. Except, nothing was ever really enough. September would come around and I’d still be the slightly awkward girl on the periphery of it all. 

I’ve come to realise that this desire to fit in, to be accepted by the masses, was never really achievable. Because, actually, you can’t please everyone all of the time. It’s a fact of life that not everyone will understand, or like me. But, being a parent has helped me to be ok with that. 

I am nurturing two young humans and I want them to be their own people. To love what they love, not what other people tell them to. To be proud of who they are; quirks and all. Because each quirk is a beautiful feather on my little flamingos. So, here’s to being a flamingo. Here’s to loving ourselves quirks and all, and here are my top 5 feathers:

  1. Disney brings me endless joy, in whatever form it takes. Be it the films, the merchandise or, best of all, Walt Disney World. If it’s Disney, i’m happy. Give me magic. Give me Happily-Ever-Afters. Give me a princess dress with a tiara. I love it all. 
  2. My taste in fashion leaves a little to be desired. I’ll regularly spot an advert online for the latest party dress/sparkly top/glittery shoes and click through in excitement. Only to discover said product is only available up to age 10. 
  3. My favourite colour is still pink. Preferably pink with glitter. I’m not talking a tasteful muted shade either. If a product is made in pink, I’ll buy it. I’d have a pink car if I didn’t have a panic attack at the thought of driving it (see 4). 
  4. The idea of driving makes me break out in a cold sweat. I can drive. I passed my test after a two week intensive course many years ago. I bought a sunshine yellow car that I proudly cleaned and fussed over. Then, I had a moment and now feel pure fear at the thought of ever being asked to drive it again. One day I’ll have to combat this. Until that day, Westy is stuck driving the sunshine yellow car looking like an Inbetweener.
  5. I’m a slow burner in social situations; an extroverted introvert. Or introverted extrovert? Either way, I have to warm up to people before I let my guard down. I’m a blend into the background ‘I’d rather not have the focus on me’ kind of gal. Which probably makes this whole blogging thing even more bonkers. 

So, there you have it! Five of my very-many, ever growing, feathers.

Whatever yours are, wear them proudly. You’re always welcome in this flock, and us Flamingos don’t judge

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