Baby and Toddler Easter activity using plastic eggs

Egg shakers

In case your home isn’t noisy enough during the Easter holidays, here’s a super easy ‘musical’ activity!

You only need some plastic eggs and a variety of items to part fill them with. The more variety the better!

Before you get started: be sure to check out my 8 Principles of Play!

Toddler Easter activity using plastic eggs

I laid out six egg halves and asked Ev if he’d like to help me choose some items to fill them with, so that we could make ‘egg shakers’. He loves anything noisy and was delighted to help out! We chose plastic blocks, LEGO® bricks, small beads and pom poms.

We attached the tops of the eggs and voilà simple egg shakers were made! Ev loved listening to the noise that each egg made, and discussing which was the loudest. Harmie joined in too and was very excited to be able to hold an egg and wave it around (side note, i’d recommend taping the join between the two egg halves before giving to a baby).

This activity is great for language and observation.

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