Puzzle Eggs

This one’s an egg hunt with a difference; combining the fun of the hunt with the mystery of a puzzle.

You only need plastic eggs, and a puzzle! This works best for slightly older toddlers, simply because large puzzle pieces won’t fit inside the plastic eggs.

Before you get started: be sure to check out my 8 Principles of Play!

Take your eggs and place one or two puzzle pieces inside each, saving a few pieces. Then, hide your eggs and lay out the remaining puzzle pieces in a one area of the room. I then pointed to the puzzle and exclaimed “but where are the missing pieces!” before ‘noticing’ an egg and asking “what’s that doing there?” That was enough to spark Ev’s interest and he was dashing about trying to find the remaining eggs in no time.

Ev loved finding the eggs, checking inside to see which pieces each contained, and then putting together his puzzle!

This activity is great for observation, fine motor skills and concentration.

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