Easter toddler activity using plastic eggs

Coco-egg shy

Ev loves heading out into the garden and throwing a ball around. Couple this with the novelty of some plastic eggs, and a few dramatic shouts by me of “Roll up! Roll up! Come and try the coco-egg shy!” and we were on to a winner.

You only need some plastic eggs and the box they came in (or alternatively a traditional, empty, egg carton).

Before you get started: be sure to check out my 8 Principles of Play!

Plastic egg shy: toddler easter activity

We lined up the eggs on their upturned, plastic, egg carton, using Ev’s sandpit as a handy ‘fair stall’. Ev chose a plastic ball and enjoyed throwing it at the eggs to try and knock off as many as possible. When all else failed, he walked right over and gave them a good bash!

This activity is great for motor skills, co-ordination and patience!

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