Easter toddler activity

Dino dig

Ev loves digging in his sandpit, and he loves dinosaurs. He has a small, colourful plastic set of dinosaurs that he keeps in his sandpit. I wanted to find a new way for him to enjoy his sandpit, and his dinosaurs, so the dino dig was born. This activity would work just as well using a household item such as rice to bury the eggs in.

You only need plastic eggs, a few small toys, a spade, and sand or rice to hide the eggs in.

Before you get started: be sure to check out my 8 Principles of Play!

I took a few plastic eggs, placed a dinosaur in each, and buried them in the sand. Ev began digging and was so excited to see that he’d found an egg! Once he’d discovered the one egg, he was eager to continue digging to see if he could find any more. After he’d found all the eggs he continued his play making the eggs into ‘caves’ for his dinosaurs to sleep in.

This is great for motor skills, observation and fun outdoors!

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