Easter toddler activity

Hide and seek

Last year Ev attended an Easter craft afternoon, during which he made an Easter basket and filled it with polystyrene, glittery, eggs. Those eggs were his pride and joy for months; they became pirate treasure, they had adventures, and they were carefully placed on his ‘special shelf’ when not in use. Then, one day, Daddy came along and decided the eggs were looking rather worse for wear and shoved them in the nappy bin. Cue the disaster of all disasters. Granny made a dash to home bargains and found a pack of similarly squidgy glittery eggs, and so the cycle begins again.

As these eggs are so loved, it follows that no Easter would be complete without an activity involving them. So, let’s play hide and seek!

You only need plastic eggs (or stacking cups would work too) and glittery eggs to hide. Pom poms would work well too!

Before you get started: be sure to check out my 8 Principles of Play!

Easter toddler activity

I laid out some egg halves in a line and explained to Ev that I would hide his glittery eggs, while he watched (“no, don’t worry, i’m not going to hide them in the bin”), and he could then try and remember which egg was under which, erm, egg. Ev found this very exciting! He loved watching the eggs hide, chatting with me about his guesses, and hiding the eggs himself for me to guess. I began by hiding eggs under the same coloured shell, which helped improve his confidence, before mixing things up a bit.

This activity is great for improving short term visual memory, observation and language.

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