Easter toddler activity

The old faithful egg & spoon

Does this one even need an introduction? It might be old hat to us, but this simple activity is new and exciting for our little people. Ev found dropping the egg absolutely hilarious!

You only need some plastic eggs and a spoon. We found a large plastic spoon perfect for Ev!

Before you get started: be sure to check out my 8 Principles of Play!

Easter toddler activity

I asked Ev if he’d like to have an egg and spoon race. His little eyes lit up at the prospect (perhaps the idea of lots of mess?). Even after i’d explained that we’d be using a plastic egg, he couldn’t wait to get started. I handed him the spoon and the egg, and he was off! Racing around the garden in fits of giggles as he dropped the egg over and over again. We renamed this the great egg fling and he attempted to launch the egg into outer space before setting off all over again. It’s simple, but a winner!

This is great for motor skills, co-ordination, and lots of laughs.

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