Easter egg painting activity for toddlers

Egg painting

Looking for some easy Easter cards inspiration? Or maybe an Easter picture? This is the one for you!

You only need some plastic egg halves, paper or card and paint!

Before you get started: be sure to check out my 8 Principles of Play!

Ev is only interested in crafts if they are minimal fuss, maximum impact. He won’t spend hours painting a picture but he does love to stick his fingers in paint, dip different objects in and see what shapes he can paint with them.

We laid out some cards, mixed some paint into small pots and found a couple of plastic eggs. Ev was keen for his eggs to match his paint so that’s what we did! I’d suggest using shallower pots than we did (or even a plate) as the eggs can be quite tricky to keep hold of with slippery paint covered fingers. We resorted to adding a pipe cleaner to create a ‘bell’ which made the eggs a lot easier to hold.

Ev loved seeing the circles that he was printing on the card and he managed to coat both cards in the five minutes that he was happy painting for!

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