Dear Argos, thank you

Dear Argos,

This morning I panic called you at 8.21am with a very important query. It was make or break. Did you have a squishy Marshall in stock? 

You advertise the TY PAW Patrol toys as an assortment. One toy to be provided. But only one would do. It had to be Marshall. Ev had diligently saved all his pennies. We had counted them. He finally had £6.99. But only for Marshall. 

The lovely lady who answered the phone dutifully checked and, success! Marshall was indeed in stock. She helpfully reserved him. And at this point Westy’s morning went to pot. I gleefully announced that WE HAVE SOURCED A MARSHALL! 

Westy was less impressed with your excellent customer service. He planned to thwart our early morning expedition by setting a timescale of epic proportions. “We can’t go and collect Marshall unless you’re ready to go in twenty five minutes. Otherwise I won’t get to the stag do on time.” I looked at my freshly jammed toast. The tea not yet sipped. My general state of disarray. Challenge accepted. I appeared twenty four minutes later proudly declaring that I had one minute to spare. 

Parking outside your store, Westy insisted on escorting us in so as to avoid any unscheduled browsing. Once nearing the till, his tactic changed to that of ‘let’s pretend we’re not associated with one another’ upon remembering that we had emptied out the entire contents of Ev’s money box, and that he was clutching a clear plastic bag full of rattling change. 

The lady on your till was brilliant. Ev handed over his pennies, and she kindly listened to my very Mum explanation that he had been saving them, they were for being a very good boy, and we had come to collect Squishy Marshall. She smiled and nodded and said all the right things. The lady on the till next to her popped over and said well done to Ev. They patiently counted the numerous pennies. Ev’s excitement had increased to dancing on the spot levels. 

They reinforced to the young man collecting the items that it had to be the dalamation with the red hat. No other pup would do. He looked a tad bemused but reappeared holding the much awaited toy. Everyone politely smiled as Ev screeched IT’S MARSHAAALL! The young man patiently stamped Ev’s receipt and handed over the toy with a smile. 

Westy had reappeared so as not to miss the moment of glory, and we all celebrated with hugs and high fives and general merriment that finally, Marshall would be coming home. All the while your lovely staff looked on, and made us feel like we weren’t the completely bonkers family that we most definitely are. 

So thank you Argos. For employing people that are kind, actual humans. Who can understand the joy that one, very specific, stuffed dog can bring to one small boy. 

With very best wishes

The bedraggled Mum with wet hair xx

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