For being fairy lights and bunting: you made the blog!

Today we celebrated the baptism of a gorgeous little boy. A little boy whose Mummy I am proud to call my friend. One of the girls, that are now women, who have grown up alongside me. Who I haven’t known forever, but it feels as though I have. I sat there today, with these friends that I haven’t seen for months and it felt just as comfortable. Just as normal now as in our heyday.

We couldn’t all be there; it’s often tricky to get us all in one place. We met by chance, as so many great friends do, and we’re scattered across the country. Just the same with this group of friends as the other special ladies that I also class as my inner circle. The ones who I get. The ones who get me. The ones that have been there with me through sticky floored nightclubs and apple sourz to babies and cups of tea.

These ladies are inspirational. They’re teachers, authors, entrepreneurs, lawyers and Mums (to name but a few). They’re fierce, they’re kind and they’re bold. When I see them, I see women that I am proud to know. I see women that Harmie will look up to. Women that Ev will respect. Women who are all different, and all wonderful in their own unique way. Who have always accepted me just how I am. Whatever I am. 

You see, with these women I don’t have to say ‘today I’m not just a Mum’. Because I am always a Mum now. And I am proud of it. But with them I’m also a friend. I’m a girl who paraded to Dolly Parton in a stairwell. I’m a twenty something that jumped up and had to dance under an umbrella-eh-eh. The me then. And the me now. They don’t define me by either, and they accept me for both. 

So today I am looking around at those friends who are always there, and I’m appreciating them however much, or however little, I see them. Today I’m saying thank you for all the memories and for sticking by my side.  Thank you for being women that empower and lift others up. For being the fairy lights that sparkle and brighten up life. For being the bunting that celebrates and cheers up a room.

It’s about me saying I’ll always be here to cheer you on and cheer you up too. It’s to remind you that, even if I haven’t written about you before, you lot are special. Thank you for being the fairy lights and bunting in life. You made the blog!

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