I’m a #BiBs2019 finalist! Your vote could make this little Gloucestershire blog a National Award Winner

A little while ago, I had a moment of utter madness. I saw an email from BritMums inviting nominations for their annual Brilliance In Blogging (The BiBs) Awards.

I was having a sod it day. A day when I felt like actually, I’m an OK Mum. I’m an OK blogger. A day when I felt proud that I’ve put myself out there. A day when I recognised that if I didn’t nominate myself, I was pretty sure no one else would. So I did it. I went for it and nominated myself for the newcomer ‘Fresh Voice’ award. I can’t even remember what I wrote on the form. I do remember feeling the hot flush of shame after imagining the nomination being looked at, perhaps even laughed at, and dismissed. I didn’t think anything of it again. Until an email arrived from BritMums last Thursday referring to the #BiBs2019 shortlist. 

I opened the email a little confused; surely this had been sent to the wrong person? But it appeared to be addressed to me. The email congratulated me on being a finalist in The Fresh Voice category of the BiBs 2019.

I will admit to then having a little cry followed by a celebratory glass of fizz. Because, although I’d prefer not to admit it, this means a lot to me. It’s made me feel like I’m not just a pretend blogger. It’s made me feel like I’ve been accepted into The Club. I have made the final of a national influencer award, and I literally have no idea how. 

The next round of the process is votes. I’d be so, so, grateful if you’d vote for me. But I totally understand if you don’t. You see, I’ve looked at the other bloggers in my category. They are all perfectly deserving of the award. I wish them all the best of luck. And I can’t quite believe my blog is up there amongst them. 

I write about the ordinary; the everyday moments. Thank you Letters to Argos and Dads on trains. I run around the garden precariously kicking balls, and present my children with trays of jelly in the name of play. I complain about my husband signing birthday cards smack bang in the middle, and confess to sometimes hiding and eating chocolate just to get through the day. Part of me wonders, is that really good enough? And the other part knows, things like this don’t happen to people like me. 

But then, what if the ordinary could be extraordinary? What if writing about my very normal life makes other people smile because it’s just like theirs? What if ordinary parents like me, would vote for Fledgling Flamingos to make an extraordinary thing happen. To make a little Gloucestershire blog award winning. But most of all, make my day?

So the link is here. It’s a simple tick box exercise. It will take two precious minutes and it would mean the world to me if we could win this together. All us ordinary folk being Flamingos in the crowd. 

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