Autumn Leaf painting activity for toddlers

Autumn Leaf Painting for toddlers

Leaf painting is a simple, creative, way for toddlers to learn about Autumn, the changing seasons and colours. It’s so easy to do and we had lots of fun exploring and collecting leaves to use too!

Autumn is here, and our walks are now spent pointing out the changing colours around us and listening to the crunch of leaves underfoot. We return home with a treasure trove of keepsakes, and I often wonder just what we will do with them. This Autumn leaf painting activity is a simple, creative, way to explore the changing seasons and makes good use of collected leaves.

For this activity you need:

Freshly collected leaves, paper, paints a paintbrush or sponge.

Before you get started: be sure to check out my 8 Principles of Play!

Items needed for Autumn leaf painting activity: freshly collected leaves, paper, paint and a paintbrush or sponge.

Exploring before the painting starts

We arrived home and popped our leaves on a table alongside the paints and paper. We spent time looking at the different colours, shapes and textures of the leaves before getting stuck in with the paint.

Ev helped me to squirt red and yellow paint into separate pots, before adding a combination of the two into a third pot. Colour mixing is also a great addition to this activity!

Autumn Leaf painting two ways

We painted the leaves in two ways; firstly we brushed paint onto a leaf before turning it over and making leaf prints on the paper. Then we took a separate piece of paper and used a sponge to dab around a leaf to create a silhouette once removed.

Ev particularly enjoyed dabbing the paint on with a sponge and seeing the colours mix on the page.

This activity is a lovely way to encourage your little one to chat about the changing seasons and to explore Autumn together. It’s also great for fine motor skills, creativity and science.

Autumn Leaf painting activity

Further development through play:

  • Colour mixing: encourage your little one to mix the colours of Autumn using different colour combinations. Try putting out yellow and green paint to represent Summer, then guessing and exploring what colours need to be added to reflect the organges and browns of Autumn.
  • Vocabulary: discuss the shapes, colours and textures of the leaves. How many different words can be used to describe them?
  • Fine motor: use different objects to create a painting. Try dabbing with fingers or using a peg to hold a sponge.
  • Fine motor: instead of paper, draw the shape of a leaf onto a piece of card and help your toddler to cut this out to paint on.

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