HECK Guy Porks: we review these Bonfire Bangers

Bonfire night bangers anyone? HECK reckon their bangers are damn good. We put their limited edition HECK Guy Porks to the test! This is a sponsored post. HECK kindly sent us a pack of their limited edition Guy Porks for review purposes. I was not financially compensated, and the opinions expressed are completely my own based on my experience. I’ll only ever tell you I love something if I do!

HECK Guy Porks

By heck it’s nearly bonfire night! We all know that I am not one to shy away from a celebration (unless it’s Halloween, but we’ll save that for another day) and Guy Fawkes Night is no exception. So when HECK kindly sent us a pack of their exclusive Guy Porks to try, we were delighted for an excuse to have an early bonfire tea party.

We are big fans of HECK. Their sausages always taste great and their branding is fun and on point too. The Guy Porks are no exception, with firework detailing on the packet making them easy to spot when you pop to the shops!

The HECK difference

Guy Porks are pork and apple sausages with a hint of black treacle. Although not evident from the photo above, they’re gluten free and dairy free too.

I must admit that, in a packet, a sausage looks just like, well, a sausage. But a quick look at the ingredients and you start to see the HECK difference; these sausages are 81% British pork. HECK market themselves as being small and independent, using the finest ingredients. They proudly declare their sausages to be damn good. Perhaps a sausage isn’t just a sausage after all?

We opted to cook the Guy Porks in the oven, so I popped them on a baking tray and baked for around 30 minutes. These smelled fabulous, and Ev was most excited about his ‘fiery tea’. To serve, we opted for baked sweet potatoes and a Jamie Oliver BBQ baked beans recipe.

What the heck did they taste like?

Taking the sausages out of the oven, Westy and I were both struck by how little fat there seemed to be on the baking tray. Sausages often leave a pool of grease that is unappetising, but not the Guy Porks.

Sparklers at the ready, we headed in for the all important taste test, and we weren’t disappointed. The combination of apple and pork was complimented by a subtle sweetness, and the sausages had a crispy, caramelised, coating to them. Ev devoured his, and promptly began eyeing up the remaining sausages on our plates but suddenly Westy and I didn’t feel like sharing!

We’d definitely recommend the Guy Porks for a bonfire tea, hell we’re tempted to stockpile them in the freezer to enjoy for longer!

If you’d like to give these a try, they will be available exclusively in Sainsbury’s for a limited time only from 30 October.  You will also be able to buy them from HECK’s online shop.  

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