About Me

I’m Helly. Wife of Westy. Muddling through life as Mummy to Ev (aged 3) and Harmie (aged 8 months). LOVING being the best Mummy I can be. But realising that actually? Sometimes that’s not the same as being a perfect Mummy. Sometimes being completely flawed is absolutely OK. MORE than OK in fact. Because our little humans love us just the way we are.

I don’t profess to be anything other than a Mummy to two, trying to juggle motherhood and life and SLEEP.  Sometimes feathers get ruffled and nothing is the perfect that I want it to be. But that’s real life! I’m not the most up together Mum, nor the most fun Mum, or even the most organised. But I’m doing my best – aren’t we all?

Pop over to my play page for simple play ideas for you and your little people. Just check out my 8 principles of play first! 

Finally, if nothing else, remember that to your little people you’re glitter glue. Holding it all together and making their world sparkle while you’re at it. Go you!