About Me

I’m Helly. Wife of Westy. Muddling through life as Mummy to Ev (aged 3) and Harmie (aged 1) in our newly renovated home in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. 

I started this blog in January 2019, during my maternity leave. It became my bit of ‘me time’ and helped me to see the humour, joy, and tales borne from our seemingly very ordinary lives. And that’s what Fledgling Flamingos is all about; telling everyday stories and seeing the wonder in them. 

To my surprise, people seem to enjoy my posts and I have been featured in the Guardian and Tots100. I was also a finalist in the Fresh Voice category of BritMums’ Annual Awards 2019. Not a bad start I suppose!

I don’t profess to be anything other than a Mum to two, trying to juggle motherhood and life and SLEEP.  My play ideas are a compilation of those that I’ve tried with Ev and Harmie and which they have enjoyed.  Pop over to my Play page for inspiration, just make sure you check out my 8 principles of play first! 

Finally, if nothing else, remember that to your little people you’re glitter glue. Holding it all together and making their world sparkle while you’re at it. You might think your everyday exploits aren’t noteworthy, but I guarantee they are – to the little people who matter most in the world.