My 8 Principles of Play

  • Safety first: Let’s get the boring bit over first! All suggested activities are intended to be carried out with adult supervision. Please refer to manufacturer’s guidelines for age suitability on all products. You know your little one and whether an activity is appropriate for them. 
  • No forced fun: I believe that play should be fun, self motivated and child led. I love setting up invitations to play for Ev and Harmie, but they will choose whether they accept the invitation or not. Often, just putting out something different and exciting is enough to capture their interest but don’t be disheartened if this doesn’t always work! 
  • Be a chameleon: always adapt play to your child’s interests and suggestions. You’re not playing for you, you’re playing for them! Even if an activity doesn’t work out as planned, you’ll still have had quality time with them and that’s what us Flamingos are all about. 
  • We’re not into bling: you won’t find fancy toys or expensive lists of requirements in our play ideas. As much as possible I try to use items found at home, with minimum set up required. 
  • Free play is fun too: we love invitations to play but free play is great too! It’s lovely to watch Ev and Harmie choosing what they’d like to play with and using their imaginations. 
  • Don’t bring me an apple: I enjoy coming up with play ideas for Ev and Harmie but I’m not a teacher and I don’t pretend to be! I’m nothing more than a Mum that enjoys spending time playing with my little fledglings. 
  • Bonus benefits: any learning outcomes referred to are just a happy by-product of any play activity. Learning is out there in the world around our little people and play is their way of exploring their world. 
  • Hidden treasure: there’s so much value in play and that’s why we love it! Not only are we spending quality time together, it’s a brilliant way for imaginations to soar and  for our little people to make sense of the world around them. Time spent playing is always well spent!

Now, ready! Get set! Play!