My little ballet boy

Ev adores music and dancing. He loves to swirl around the living room with his arms in the air. As soon as he hears music, he begins to wiggle, bounce and jump. He dances like no one is watching and wishes desperately that one day someone will. Because he is adamant that, one day, he will “go up the steps” and dance on stage.

I could choose to ignore all these signs that dancing is something that he’d enjoy. After all, it doesn’t conform with the stereotypical image of ‘being a boy’. But we all know how I feel about that! So, a few weeks ago, we ventured to a dancing studio. 

His excitement levels reached a peak in the drive over as he talked non-stop about dancing, meeting his new teacher, and one day being allowed to be on the stage. Once at the studio, a little shyness crept in as he looked around at the little girls in their matching leotards, tights and ballet shoes. But his teacher smiled kindly at him and encouraged a little girl to take his hand and lead him into the studio. 

I saw him peer in, I saw his little eyes full of wonder. And I knew that regardless of what anyone else thinks. Or says. I will always support my little Ev to do whatever he wants. Whether it confirms or not. Whether I’m the only ‘boy mum’ in the changing room. Or whether he’s the only little boy in the class. Because this might be a one off. A blip’ before he begins to love football or martial arts. Or something equally ‘boyish’. Or, it might be the spark of something. 

Because, when he raced into the changing room to meet me after his class his little cheeks were flushed with joy. His eyes held a sparkle and he looked so perfectly happy. And each day he asks me when he wakes up in the morning “Is it Monday? Is it ballet today Mummy?” And on the days I can confirm that it is indeed Monday he beams a little smile that makes my heart soar.

So, my darling little Ev, I’m proud of you. I’m proud you’re doing what you want to do regardless of whether you conform. I’m proud you line up for your class surrounded by little girls and that you have no care in the world, no fear of judgement. Forever be proud of who you are my darling. I will always be proud of you too.

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