Easter toddler activity

The great egg number match

Ev loves counting, and playing ‘snap’. This simple activity combines both, and the use of plastic eggs added extra colour and novelty that held Ev’s attention.

You only need plastic egg halves, some card and a pen. We also used magnetic numbers, but these aren’t a necessity!

Before you get started: be sure to check out my 8 Principles of Play!

Easter toddler activity

Simply set out your egg halves and place a numbered piece of card in each one. We used the egg container to prop them up, but a cardboard carton or cupcake tray would work just as well. Place your matching numbers next to your eggs and let your little one rummage through them and pop them into the corresponding egg.

Ev loved fishing around to see which number he’d pull out next, chatting about which colour the number needed to be placed in and counting as he went along!

This activity is great for numeracy, observation and fine motor skills.

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