Easter toddler activity

Sink or float?

Seeing whether different objects sink or float is something that fascinates Ev. We’ve used plastic eggs for this activity to add a little intrigue as the eggs are filled and then ‘tested’.

You only need some plastic eggs and a few household items to place in them of different weights. The more variety the better!

Before you get started: be sure to check out my 8 Principles of Play!

Sink or float toddler activity

We filled a bucket with water and I asked Ev whether he’d like to see whether his plastic eggs would float. We looked at the eggs, talked about how light they felt and guessed whether they would sink or float. They floated! We then picked different objects to place inside them to continue our test. Ev was very excited at being able to see what he could fit inside the eggs, how light or heavy each item felt and shout out his guesses.

Our experiment then continued with various items being dumped into the water before a Paw Patrol rescue mission took place!

This activity is great for developing an awareness of cause and effect, language, observation and co-ordination.

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