Egg boats

Plastic eggs are great for water play; the little holes in the shells allow water to trickle through which is a wonderful form of sensory exploration for younger children. This is one step on, and combines the fun of water play with the joy of boats!

You need:

  • Plastic egg halves (the smaller half);
  • cocktail sticks;
  • white sticky labels;
  • colouring pens (optional);
  • play doh; and
  • cellotape (optional but will prevent your ship wrecks occurring as quickly as ours did!)

Before you get started: be sure to check out my 8 Principles of Play!

Firstly, make your sails by sticking your white labels around the end of your cocktail sticks. Your little one can decorate the labels first, if they like. Ev decided not to, then promptly changed his mind!

Now cellotape the base of your eggs on the outside and inside of the shell over the two little holes. This hadn’t occurred to me before we got started and I’ve learnt from our mistake! Add a flat section of play doh to the inside of your egg to reinforce the cellotape and small blob to skewer your sail into. Add your sail, and you’re off!

Ev loved seeing the boats floating in the water and found it hilarious when our blue boat took on water and gradually started to sink. He then started adding water to the remaining boats and there began their untimely demise. We then proceed to play Sink or Float again!

This activity is great for sensory play, exploring cause and effect and observation.

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