25 Easter play ideas for toddlers using plastic eggs

25 Egg-cellent plastic egg activities

Plastic eggs. We all know the ones. Colourfully hanging around in every shop that we enter from the minute that there’s a whiff of Easter in the air. But once you’ve got them home, what do you actually do with them? Never fear, I’ve collated 25 egg-citing activities for you and your little ones right here!

Not only that, I’ve tried and tested them all with a little help from Ev (and Harmie). So you can rest assured that these are easy AND fun. So egg-cellent news all round, right? (Sorry, here endeth the egg puns – I apologise if they didn’t crack you up!)

  1. Egg shakers
  2. Coco-egg shy
  3. The old faithful egg & spoon
  4. Sink or float?
  5. Egg boules
  6. The great egg number match
  7. Eggy colour sort
  8. Decorate my shell
  9. Dino dig
  10. Hide and seek
  11. Match my egg shell
  12. Catch the egg
  13. The Easter Bunny and his carrot
  14. There’s egg on your face (my face is an egg)
  15. The leaning tower of omlette
  16. Bing-egg
  17. Everyone’s favourite: the trusty egg hunt
  18. Easter tree
  19. Egg castles
  20. Puzzle eggs
  21. Egg boats
  22. Cress heads
  23. The very eggy caterpillar
  24. Egg painting
  25. Following the pattern: eggy style

If you’re all egg-ed out after trying some of these, then why not head over to my play ideas page for some more inspiration!

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