Baby Harmie playing with the pom poms in our sensory box

How to create a sensory box for your baby

For Ev’s first Christmas, I made him a sensory box. He absolutely adored it! My only wish was that I’d put it together sooner. Harmie is now getting the benefit of the box and she enjoys exploring the different textures and sounds of the items within it. I love that this simple sensory box has been such a joy for both Ev and Harmie, and best of all it’s really easy to create! You can add any item that will help your little one investigate the world around them.

I chose:

Ev’s first box also included a sponge, a loofah and pine cone. The pine cone promptly disintegrated due to Ev’s over-excited prodding, but he loved it, so i’d definitely recommend adding this for slightly older children that are less likely to pop everything in their mouth!

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Before you get started: be sure to check out my 8 Principles of Play!

I find that Harmie enjoys exploring items around her, so I lay out the box contents within her reach and help her to hold, touch and investigate. She loves watching the light reflect off the foil blanket, and the rustling noise that it makes as she moves it around. We play peekaboo with the scarves and these are also brilliant for gently throwing into the air; she delights in watching them float to the floor.

This sensory box is great for textures, sounds, and colours. Most of all, it’s brilliant for bonding time with your little one as they enjoy exploring!

As your little one grows, enjoy further development through play:

  • Colours: chat about colours using the scarves and balls.
  • Numeracy: count the balls.
  • Language: discuss the sounds that you can hear, the textures you can feel and the colours that you can see.
  • Observation: point out the way that light reflects off the foil blanket and the pom poms.
  • Observation: use the scarves and pom poms to hide the balls.
  • Fragrances: citrus fruits and food flavourings are great baby friendly items to enhance their sense of smell.
  • Outside the home: encourage your little one to use their senses outside. Smell flowers and freshly cut grass, hear birds singing, and watch birds flying.

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