Rainbow tower: toddler activity

I came up with this activity for Ev back in January, after we’d been talking about colours, rainbows and his love of building. He really enjoyed it and this week suddenly asked me if he could build a ‘rainbow tower’ again.

This is another simple activity to set up, and you just need a clear container,
DUPLO® bricks and pom poms, or other items of varying colours.

Before you get started: be sure to check out my 8 Principles of Play!

Toddler activity: rainbow tower
Only a clear container, DUPLO® bricks, and pom poms required!

Jumble up your coloured items and lay these out next to the clear container. Then either create a guide for your little one to follow to make their rainbow, or let them decide! I added tissue paper to the side of the container for Ev to match the colours with, but this isn’t a necessity for this activity.

I encourage Ev to choose one colour at at time, find all of the matching items, and drop these into the container. He loves hunting for each colour and watching the ‘rainbow’ grow.

This is a great activity for awareness of colours, observation and fine motor skills.

Further development through play:

  • Vocabulary: help your child to find items using directions.
  • Fine motor skills: use children’s tweezers to fill the container.
  • Textures: discuss the different textures of the bricks compared with the pom poms.
  • Numeracy: count the different colours. Compare the number of items of one colour with another.

Once your little one has mastered this activity, try “following the pattern” which builds on the skills developed here.

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