Sock soulmates. Or sock snap. Either, or!

Need some help sorting the washing? Discovered that your toddler’s idea of ‘help’ is not all that helpful? (Ev’s favourite is the game known as ‘let’s grab handfuls of clothes from the washing basket and fling them about wildly’) Or maybe you’d just like to put your undies away in peace? Aha! I have the perfect play idea for you.

Before you get started: be sure to check out my 8 Principles of Play!

You grab all the socks. Plonk them in a tub, and declare that these poor odd socks are all feeling very sad as they need to find their sock soulmates. Or just shout “let’s play sock snap!” Either, or.

The result? A little peace and quiet for you, with the added bonus of washing being sorted. PLUS this is great for your little one’s observation skills. Ask them them to pair the socks into balls for a sneaky fine motor skills bonus too (tricky to do for little fingers).

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