DIY Maypole (dancing not included)

I am becoming increasingly aware that my maternity leave won’t last forever, and that I need to be squeezing every ounce out of my precious time with both Ev and Harmie. Cue me enthusiastically declaring to Ev ‘let’s make a Maypole!’ whilst brandishing a cereal box and empty wrapping paper roll.

You need:

  • empty cereal box;
  • empty wrapping paper roll;
  • ribbons;
  • scissors; and
  • sellotape.

We chose to make flower garland headbands and decorate the wrapping paper roll first, but that’s just bonus fun!

Before you get started: be sure to check out my 8 Principles of Play!

Simply sellotape together the open flap of your cereal box, then make a hole in the middle of one side big enough to stand your wrapping paper roll in. Insert your wrapping paper roll, then attach strips of ribbon to the top, so that the ribbon drapes over the sides. Viola! A May Day masterpiece.

Whilst Ev initially looked at me like I’d lost the plot, he became intrigued as I rummaged around hunting for ribbons. The offer of dancing around our finished masterpiece clinched the deal, and he excitedly helped me to carry it outside for our May Day display.  

Our ‘dancing’ was more of an excited charge. Our pole couldn’t withstand gravity. Eventually, the box became a shield and the pole a fire breathing dragon, But I think it’s safe to say from the smile on Ev’s face that he had fun!

This activity is great for chatting about cultural traditions, imagination, and good old fashioned exercise!

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